Portfolio Risk


Understand the risk in your portfolio

Comprehensive data and analytics service to assist you in better understanding the collateral risk of your mortgages portfolio

Want a better understanding of the collateral risk in your portfolio?

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Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP)

Risk Analytics ensures that Capital Adequacy is reviewed and “stress testing and scenario analysis” is undertaken regularly, as required by APRA.

Realistic Scenario Analysis

Using the Hometrack AVM, Risk Analytics provides the most granular stress test, with each security individually stressed at a different rate according to property specific characteristics.

Portfolio Insight and Enhancement

You gain valuable insights into understanding the opportunities and potential risks in what is likely your largest portfolio – the mortgage loan book. Enhance your knowledge with our overlays of market history, housing attributes, vintage and geographical data.

Better information for better decisions

You can use Portfolio Risk Analytics to:

  • Improve collateral and asset valuation, and stress-test portfolios
  • ICAAP Compliance
  • Portfolio enhancement and insight
  • Improve the accuracy of provisioning policies