Automated Valuation


The Hometrack Automated Valuation model combines advanced predictive modelling with unique proprietary data and industry expertise to instantly value any residential property in Australia.

Our clients need to base their decisions on evidence, not opinion.  So our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) shows a Confidence Level for every valuation – just one reason why we are trusted by Australia’s big four banks.

Get instant and accurate valuations of residential property.

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Trust, built-in to your business.

Put our evidence-based insights at the heart of your business, by integrating the Hometrack Automated Valuation Model into your processes. Our enterprise-grade API and web app are built for full customisation if you need it – including risk alerts.

In good company

The Hometrack Automated Valuation Model was the first to be trusted by the four largest banks in Australia.

More accurate. Less risk.

Our Automated Valuation Model gives you a unique confidence level for each valuation, which we carefully calibrate. So you know you can trust the capital, rental and reinstatement values in front of you – without the worry of overvaluation.

Tested. Perfected.

Accuracy, hit rate and bias can cause serious problems if they start to drift. After all, the value of your assets rests on the accuracy of the model your business employs, which in turn affects the lending decisions you make. That’s why we constantly monitor our model, making sure it performs consistently over time. It all comes down to one very simple metric: ongoing price changes need to reflect genuine market movements.

Reducing costs and lead times

Most of the time, the Hometrack Automated Valuation Model can replace a physical valuation of a residential property. That means lower costs and faster processes for lenders and financial institutions.