Housing Intelligence

Instant, online access to localised residential market analysis that’s 100% ready-to-use.

Sourcing business-critical information about your local residential market can be time-consuming and difficult – whether that means prices, rents or affordability. Housing Intelligence gives you online access to the vital information and analysis you need to make informed business decisions.

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Local-level analysis

Housing markets operate at many levels, from national to local. However, it can be difficult to access quality analysis at a localised level – a barrier to high quality decision-making. Housing Intelligence helps you make smarter business and strategic decisions, based on local-level information rather than city or regional averages. Our data is available at all standard geographic levels, so you can select the data that suits your needs.

Unique data

Housing Intelligence offers online access to hard-to-find local information, right down to street level. With over hundreds of data types, our localised market analysis covers all the important variables – including prices rents, turnover, and dwelling stock – making reporting detailed, quick and easy.

Save time and money

Don’t waste time searching websites or other sources to get the information you need. Our analysis on key themes is ready to use for quick or detailed reporting, based on Hometrack's independent, accurate information. You can produce consultancy style reports from our data in minutes, saving time on data collection to allow for more considered decision making.

Local information for better decisions

Housing Intelligence helps you to:

  • Make better planning decisions - based on trends in local housing markets
  • Highlight opportunities in local markets
  • Risk policy development and market monitoring