How do lenders manage the business-critical property risks in their mortgage book? They turn to Hometrack.

Hometrack’s enterprise-grade analytics and accurate collateral valuation services help lenders accurately identify and manage residential property risk.

  • Independent, objective insights — the evidence you need to make informed business, provisioning and policy decisions, and drive strategy
  • Automated valuation products — reduce costs and build extra capacity for growth, with no increase in risk

Save money and manage risk originating mortgages

We help lenders cut costs, save time and reduce the risks associated with valuing properties.

  • Fast, accurate valuations - improve customer service and reduce processing times
  • Automated valuations - replace costly physical valuations, while also minimising risk
  • Hometrack Valuer Desktop - cost-effectively increase your valuation capacity, within a risk-managed framework
  • Failsafe and Collateral Risk solutions - identify over-valuation cases which have a higher probability of turning into future losses

Improve your understanding of mortgage portfolio risk and make more accurate provisioning

You can use Hometrack’s Portfolio AVM to ascertain current loan-to-value ratios for each property, and enable enhanced risk management and more accurate provisioning.

Improved Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP)

Hometrack Portfolio Risk Analytics provides a comprehensive data and analytics service to help you better understand the collateral risk of your mortgage portfolio.

Hometrack leverages its residential property database to ensure that stresses applied to different market segments are consistent with their behaviour over the last decade. The service is tailor built for ADIs, is affordable, and delivers quality outcomes quickly. It can also be easily repeated at regular intervals for review and performance monitoring.