About Us


Hometrack partners with a range of leading European and Australian solution providers to the residential property market. This helps us deliver the innovative and high-quality services you need. Interested in partnering with Hometrack? Please get in touch.


nearmap is a global leader in geospatial map technology. The nearmap property suite combines their high-resolution PhotoMaps™ aerial imagery with Hometrack's comprehensive market data — delivering a powerful suite of products to property and real estate professionals.


NHBC is the UK's leading independent standard-setting body. They provide warranty and insurance cover for 80% of new homes and have detailed understanding of market conditions nationally. We work with NHBC to produce the 'Site appraisal report', which brings together all the up-to-date housing market intelligence you need in one place.


CRIF is the European market leader in banking credit information, offering valuations to more than 100 Italian banks and financial institutions. Hometrack and CRIF have jointly developed an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) which delivers unprecedented portfolio valuation and risk modelling capabilities to the Italian banking sector.


HLIX is the first web-based trading platform for buying and selling residential property and mortgage loan portfolios. Powered by Hometrack, it offers transparent, private, secure transactions for large and very large portfolios of property and residential mortgage loans.